Fixed Displacement Motor

  • High speed operation and smooth starting characteristics:Optimized rotary balance design high-speed performance and excellent starting characteristics.
  • Low speed operation:Superior performance in low speed operation provides excellent controllability.
  • Compact size:Swash plate conguration enables the motor to be much more compact.
  • Long bearing life:Swash plate conguration results in longer bearing life.
Size HM7X 85
Max. Displacement:qmax cm3 90
Max. speed:Nnon min-1 4,500
Rated pressure:Pnom *1 bar 400
Max. pressure:Pmax*2 bar 450
Theoretical output torque N·m 573
Power Kw 270
Max. Flow:Q L/min 405
Moment of inertia kg.m2 0.011
Volume in the case L 0.5
Mass Kg 26
Temperature at drain port:-20 ~ +115at inlet port:-20 ~ +90
Coating *3 Red/Yellow/Black/Gray/Blue
The data in the above table is the theoretical value.* 1:Nominal pressure corresponds to the design pressure to provide appropriate performance, function, and service life. :Nominal pressure corresponds to the design pressure at which the products will function properly.* 2:Summation of pressure on A and B port shall be 560bar or less.* 3:Hengli standard.

HM7X series swashplate axial piston motor is a kind of fixed displacement motor with wide application for open and closed circuit. The swashplate design allows a compact motor with high power density. This series is applicable to construction machinery and industrial vehicles.


Apply to open and closed hydraulic circuit