Plasma Spraying Technology

The Principle Of Plasma Spraying Technology

With the direct current arc generated between the cathode and the anode (nozzle), the incoming working gas is heated and ionized into high temperature plasma and a plasma flame is ejected from the nozzle. The powder fed by the carrier gas into the plasma flame is melted and accelerated onto the surface of pre-treated substrate to form a coating.

* The plasma is the fourth state of the material (different from solid, liquid or gas) and is the basis of the plasma thermal spraying process.

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Technology Advantage of Hengli

  • Porosity of the coating less than 4%
  • Higher bonding strength
  • Thicker coating thickness compared to chemical plating
  • Longer life time with cathode and anode plasma spraying gun
  • Higher coating deposition efficiency
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and adhesive wear
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Better surface finish quality

HengliExpoNite-Reliable Surface Coating Solution