Open Center Control Directional Valve

Rated flow:70 L/min、80 L/min

Applications:Hooklift,Sweeper,Compression vehicle,Wrecker

  • Low pressure drop,more energy-efficient
  • Sandwich plate structure
  • Manual control,pneumatic control,electro-pneumatic control
Basic code ①Structure HVSH
②Nominal size 14/16
③Number of directional middle sections 01-10
Inlet element ④Type Blank Lateral inlet, lateral outlet
G Both sides inlet, central outlet
⑤P/T Port size A G1/2
B G3/4
⑥Main relief valve P*** With main relief valve, setting pressure, (3-digits, bar)
C Without main relief valve
Middle directional section ⑦A/B Port size D G1/2
E G3/4
⑧Spool function O O Type F F Type
Y Y Type Q Q Type
⑨Relief valve at A side *** With relief valve, setting pressure, (3-digits, bar)
P With plug
S With check valve
⑩Relief valve at B side *** With relief valve, setting pressure, (3-digits, bar)
W With plug
X With check valve
⑪ Operation type B Manual control structure
E Electro-pneumatic control structure
P Manual + pneumatic control structure
F Manual + detent structure
R Manual + floating pressure cut-off structure
H Electro-hydraulic control structure
T Manual + electro-hydraulic control structure
Endlet section ⑫carry-over function M With carry over
N Without carry over

1. Structure
·Sandwich plate of design

2. Control modes
·Manual control
·Hydraulic control
·Pneumatic control
·Electro-pneumatic control
·Electro-hydraulic control

HVSH Open Center Control Directional Valve

Applications:Hooklift,Sweeper,Compression vehicle,Wrecker