Flow Sharing Valve

Rated flow:180-250 L/min

Applications :Excavators, Cranes, Backhoe loaders, Wheel loaders

  • High efficiency
  • Less volume,lighter weight
  • Precise controllability
  • Less pressure drop,low fuel consumption
  • Perfect flow distribution


Structure Sandwich plate design
Connection type BSP Pipe thread (JIS B2351-1)
Mass (kg) Nominal Size
18 25
Inlet section 7.4 21
Spool section hydraulic control 5.4 18.1
Spool section E‐H control 6.5 19


Nominal size 18 25
Rated flow Q (L/min) 180 250
Max. operating pressure at port P /LS (bar) 320 320
A/B (bar) 350 350
T (bar) 30
TS (bar) Less than 2
Pilot pressure a/b (bar) Less than 35
Pilot pressure control curve Please refer to " Page 10/28 "
Pilot control pressure range 5 to 25 bar

Using environment

Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil (HL, HLP) according to DIN 51524. Other hydraulic fluids, such as HEES (Synthetic Ester) according to VDMA 24568.
Pressure fluid temperature range (℃) -20 to +90
Viscosity range ν (mm2/s) 10 to 380
Maximum permissible degree of contamination of the pressure fluid cleanliness class to ISO 4406 (C) Class 20/18/15, we therefore recommend a filter with a minimum retention rate of β10≥75
(For applications outside above mentioned parameters, please consult our sales dept.)


·Flow pressure independent flow distribution
– Open center, for fixed displacement pump.
– Closed center, for load-sensing variable displacement pump.
·Load holding function
·Regeneration function
·Priority function
·Less control pressure, ΔP=15bar
·Each movements priorities adjustable
·Hydraulic control, Electro-hydraulic control


·Sandwich plate of design
·Max. 8 sectional blocks (Other forms please contact our sales dept.)


·Primary and secondary pressure relief valve
·LS relief and throttle valve


·Load pressure compensated
·High repeatability accuracy
·Low hysteresis


HVSM Flow Sharing Valve

Applications :Excavator, Cranes, Backhoe loaders, Wheel loaders