Pipe Burst Safety Valve

Cracking pressure : 420 bar

This valve is designed to be flange mounted on boom cylinders of hydraulic excavators, and, with specific adjustments, it can become part of load holding and load lowering systems designed to comply with ISO Standard 8643 (hose burst protection).
Fluid Mineral oil suitable for NBR and FKM seal
Phosphate ester for FKM seal
Fluid temperature range -30 to +80 (NBR seal)
-20 to +80 (FKM seal)
Viscosity range mm2/s 10 to 800
Degree of contamination Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406
Cracking pressure bar 420
Max. flow-rate L/min 15 dia. 150L/min; 16 dia. 250L/min
Weight kg 15 dia. approx. 11kg; 16 dia. approx.13kg
Main valve pressure adjustment range (factory setting) bar 3 to 15(7.5)
Safety valve pressure adjustment range (factory setting) bar 350 to 460 (350)

Upstream flow (V2 – C2) to the cylinder is free through the 2 check valves, and reverse flow (C2 – V2) is locked/metered by a leak free spool which provides fine metering in the initial opening stroke. The spool, normally held closed by an adjustable spring force, is remotely controlled by joystick pilot pressure; the pilot pressure required to move the spool is load independent because the spring is vented to Tank. The valve includes a small relief cartridge which senses C2 pressure and opens under overload or shock conditions in order to pilot wide open the metering spool and to allow cylinder pressure to be relieved downstream through the main hose (V2) and through the main control valve. For better safety and compact assembly, the C2 port is gasket mounted directly on the actuator.

FBRC…F-L1X Pipe Burst Safety Valve

This valve is designed to be flange mounted on boom cylinders of hydraulic excavators.