2-way cartridge valves -directional function

Nominal sizes: 16 to 125
Series: 2X, 6X, 7X
Maximum operating pressure: 420 bar
Maximum flow-rate: 12000 L/min

Size  mm Nominal pressure MPa
16 42
25 42
32 42
40 42
50 42
63 42

2-way cartridge valves are designed as inserts for compact manifold control blocks. The installation hole dimension of the control block fitting the main valve component with ports A and B is in accord with ISO 7368 and sealed with a cover. In most cases, the cover also acts as a connection between the control side of the main component and the pilot valves. By controlling the main valve with suitable pilot valves, the main component can assume pressure, directional or throttling functions, or their combination.
Particularly economic designs can be achieved by matching the valve sizes to the individual actuator. When the element on the main valve is able to assume more than one function, a particularly economic design can be achieved.

L-LC ; L-LFA Directional Function

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