Proportional amplifier

  • Suitable for controlling all direct and pilot operated proportional pressure control valves without electrical position feedback and only one solenoid as actuator that are available at the time of publication of this data sheet
  • Differential input, can be switched between voltage and current input
  • Additional command value input, 0 to +9V
  • Ramp generator, can be adjusted separately for up and down ramps
  • Signal "ready for operation" ( VT-VSPA1K-1 only with LED indicator lamp )
  • Reverse polarity protection for voltage supply
  • Cable break detection of current input 4 to 20 mA
  • Short-circuit protection of solenoid cable
  • Cable break detection of solenoid cable
Operating voltage Operating range: - Upper limit value - Lower limit value U0 U0(t)max U0(t)min +24VDC +40% –5% +35 V +22 V
Max. power consumption Ps <50 VA
Max. current consumption I <1.8 A
Fuse IF 2.5 AT
Inputs: - Command value 1 - Command value 2 (differential input) or or Ui Ui Ii Ii 0 to +9 V (reference potential is M0) 0 to +10V;Re =100KΩ 4 to 20 mA (load RB =100Ω) 0 to 20 mA (load RB =100Ω)
Ramp time (adjustment range) t 30 ms to approx. 1s or 5s (depending on setting with S14)
Outputs: - Output stage ·Solenoid current/resistance or ·Biasing current at I max=800 mA at I max =1600 mA additionally at I max=800 mA at I max =1600 mA ·Clock frequency - Signal "ready for operation" (only with VT-SPA1-1) ·Rready for operation ·Break down - Regulated voltage - Measuring sockets ·Command value "w" ·Actual current value "I" Imax Imax Iv Iv Iv Iv f U U U U U U U 800mA +20% , R20 =19.5Ω 1600mA +20% , R20 =5.4Ω 50mA or 100mA 100mA 0 to 300mA +20% 0 to 600mA +20% 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz or 370 Hz ±10%each (depending on setting with S23 to S25) approx. U0 , 50mA 0V, R i = 10kΩ ±9V ± 1 %, ±25 mA externally laodable 0 to +6 V (+6V ≙ 100% solenoid current), R i =1kΩ 0 to 1600mV ≙ 0 to 1600mA ±20mA
Type of connection: - VT-VSPA1-1 - VT-VSPA1K-1 32-pin male connector, DIN 41612, form D 16-pin terminal strip
Card dimensions: Euro-card 100 x 160 mm, DIN 41494
Front panel dimensions - Height - Width soldering side - Width component side 3HE(128.4mm) 1TE(5.08mm) 3TE
Permissible operating temperature range ϑ 0 to + 50℃
Storage temperature range ϑ –25 to + 85℃
Weight m 0.1kg
1)  The maximum current Imax can be set to the required value by means of command value attenuator potentionmeter "Gw".  

VT-VSPA1-1 and VT-VSPA1K-1 Proportional amplifier

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