Pressure sequence valve pilot operated

Sizes 10 to 32

Up to 315bar , Up to 600 L/min

  • Sub-plate mounting
  • Conforms to DIN 24 340, form D, and ISO 5781
  • Manifold plate mounting
  • 4 pressure ratings
  • 4 adjustment elements:
    • Rotary knob
    • Adjustable bolt with protective cap
    • Lockable rotary knob with scale
    • Rotary knob with scale
  • Check valve, optional
Fluid Mineral oil  suitable for NBR and FKM seal
Phosphate ester for FKM seal
Fluid temperature range  -30 to +80 (NBR seal)
 -20 to +80 (FKM seal)
Viscosity range mm2/s 10 to 800
Degree of contamination Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406
Max.operating pressure Port A, B, X bar 315
Port Y bar 315
Adjustable pressure Max. bar 50;100;200;315
Min. bar Interrelated to the flow (refer to the characteristic curve)
Size DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
Max. flow-rate L/min 200 400 600
Fixing position Optional
Size DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
Weight sub-plate mounting DZ kg Approx.3.6 Approx.5.5 Approx.8.2
DZC kg Approx.1.2
DZC30 kg Approx.1.5

DZ…L5X Pressure Sequence Valve Pilot Operated

Pressure valves type DZ are pilot operated pressure sequence valves. They are used for pressure dependent sequence switching of a secondary circuit.