Pilot operated check valve

Size 6

Up to 315 bar , Up to 60 L/min

  • For sub-plate mounting, porting pattern conforms to DIN 24 340 form A, ISO 4401 and CETOP 121 H
  • With or without drain port
  • 4 cracking pressures
Weight kg  Approx.0.8
Installation position  Optional
Flow direction  A to B flow freely, B to A flow under pilot
Operating pressure bar  To 315
Pilot pressure bar  5 to 315
control flow -Port X cm3  0.68
      -Port Y(only type SL) cm3  0.58
Control area -area A1 cm2  0.42
             -area  A2 cm2  1.33
             -area  A3 cm2  0.19
Viscosity range mm2/s  2.8 to 500
Fluid temperature range  -30  to +80 (NBR seal)
 -20  to +80(FKM seal)
Fluid  Mineral oil suit for NBR and FKM seal
 Phosphate ester for FKM seal
Degree of contamination  Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406

SV/SL6…L6X Pilot Operated Check Valve

Valves of types SV and SL are pilot operated check valves of poppet design that can be opened in the checked direction .