4/3, 4/2 and 3/2 Directional Valve with Wet-pin AC or DC Solenoid

Size (NG) 10

Up to 350 bar , Up to 150 L/min

  • Direct operated directional spool valve with solenoid operation
  • Porting pattern according to DIN 24 340 Form A, ISO 4401, and CETOP-RP121H
  • Wet-pin DC solenoids with detachable coil (AC voltages possible via a rectifier)
  • Solenoid coil can be rotated through 90°
  • The coil can be replaced without opening the pressure-tight chamber
  • Adjustable spool switching time, optional
Fixing position Optional
Ambient temperature range  ℃ – 30 to + 50 (with NBR seals)
– 20 to + 50 (with FKM seals)
Weight Valve with 1 solenoids  kg 4.3 ( DC )
Valve with 2 solenoids  kg 5.9 ( DC )
Max.operating pressure Port A,B,P  bar 350
油口 T  bar 210 (DC), With symbols A and B, port T must be used as a drain port, if the operating pressure is higher than the permissible tank pressure.
Maximum flow  L/min 150
Pressure fluid Mineral oil (HL, HLP) to DIN 51 524, suitable for NBR and FKM
Phosphate ester, suitable for FKM
Pressure fluid temperature range  ℃ – 30 to + 80 (with NBR seals)
– 20 to + 80 (with FKM seals)
Viscosity range mm2/s 2.8 to 500
ISO code cleanliness class Maximum permissible degree of contamination of the pressure fluid is to ISO 4406 (C) class 20/18/15
Voltage type DC
Available voltage  V 12,24
Voltage tolerance (nominal voltage)  % Super performance solenoid: +10~-15
Power consumption  W 39
Duty Continuous
Switching time to ISO 6403 (without switching time adjustment) ON  ms 45 to 60
OFF  ms 20 to 30
Switched  frequency cycles/h Up to 15000
Protection to DIN 40 050 Z4, Z5L, K4:IP65;  K7:IP67
Maximum coil temperature  ℃  +150
When connecting the electrics, the protective conductor must be connected according to the relevant regulations. Note: The solenoid coils must not be painted. Actuation of the manual override is only possible up to a tank pressure of approx. 50 bar [725 psi]. The simultaneous actuation of 2 solenoids of one valve must be ruled out!

WE 10...L5X Directional Valve With Wet-Pin Ac Or Dc Solenoid

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