4/2 and 4/3 way isolator valve

Size 16

Up to 315 bar , Up to 300 L/min

  • Directional spool valve, pilot operated
  • 2 types of actuation: Electro-hydraulic (type WEH) Hydraulic (type WH)
  • Functions as; an isolating/free-flow valve or as an isolating/free-flow short circuit valve
  • P and T have free-flow in all switched positions
  • Porting pattern to ISO4401-07-07-0-05
  • Wet-pin DC or AC voltage solenoids, optional
  • Manual override, optional
Fixing position Optional
Environment temperature range -30 to +50 (NBR seal)
-20 to +50 (FKM seal)
Weight Single solenoid kg 14.1
Double solenoids kg 14.4
Valve with hydraulic actuation kg 13.3
Switching time adjustment kg 0.8
Pressure reducing valve kg 0.4
Plate for version “T” kg 0.5
Max.operating pressure Port A,B,X,Y bar 315
Port T bar 160 (version “WEH” with AC solenoid)
315 (version “WH”)
210 (version “WEH” with DC solenoid)
Port P bar 315
External pilot oil supply
Internal pilot oil supply bar 210 (without pressure reducing valve)
315 (with pressure reducing valve)
Max. flow-rate L/min 300
Fluid Mineral oil suitable for NBR and FKM seal
Phosphate ester for FKM seal
Fluid temperature range -30 to +80 (NBR seal)
-20 to +80 (FKM seal)
Viscosity range mm2/s 10 to 500
Minimum pilot pressure bar 12
Maximum pilot pressure bar 250
Degree of contamination Maximum permissible degree of contamination of the pressure fluid is to ISO 4406 (C) class 20/18/15
Caution: with electrical connections the protective conductor (PE ) must be connected according to the relevant regulations.

Z4WEH/Z4WH16 ..L5X Isolator Valve

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