4/3, 4/2 and 3/2 directional valve with mechanical, manual operation

Size 6

Up to 315 bar , Up to 60L/min

  • Direct operated directional spool valves with mechanical, manual operation
  • Roller plunger
  • 19 versions of spools, optional
Fluid temperature range  -30 to +80 (NBR seal)
 -20 to +80 (FKM seal)
Max.operating pressure Port A,B,P bar  315
Port T bar  60
Max. flow-rate L/min  60
Flow cross section (switching neutral position) Type Q mm2  for symbol Q 6% of nominal cross section
Type W mm2  for symbol W 3% of nominal cross section
Fluid  Mineral oil, Phosphate ester
Viscosity range mm2/s  2.8 to 500
Degree of contamination  Maximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406
Weight kg 1.4

WMR(U)6…L6X Directional Valve With Mechanical, Manual Operation

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