Variable Displacement Pump

  • Higher working pressure,rated working pressure up to 350 bar.
  • Higher efficiency, improved by 2% ~ 3% than similar products.
  • Compact design to meet tight installation space requirements, optimized axial structure with 10% shorter total length than the last generation HP3V series.
  • Optimized port plate, lower noise.
  • Heavy-duty bearings and increased drive shaft dimension for higher load and longer life time.
  • Various controllers suitable for requirements of all kinds of applications.
Size HP3V 75S
Displacement (cc/rev) 75
Speed Rated speed (rpm) *1 2450
Maximum speed (rpm) *2 3000
Pressure Rated pressure (bar) 350
Maximum pressure (bar) 400
Maximum torque (N•m) 415
Case volume (L) 1.3
Suction port pressure (abs bar) 0.8
Drain pressure Rated pressure (bar) 1
Maximum pressure (bar) 3
Hydraulic fluid viscosity range (mm2/s) 10~1000 *3(optimum viscosity range 16~36)
Temperature range (℃) -30~80
Mass (Kg) 59
1.Steady state suction pressure should be 0 bar and above (at normal condition);2.If suction pressure less than 0 bar, Boost pressure should be required;3.In case of 200-1000mm2/s, please allow system to warm up before using machine.

Designed for open loop concrete pump and crane applications. Shorter pump suitable for limit installation space. The HP3V-75S series pump is capable of tandem pump to work with other pumps. The developed various controllers can meet requirements of all kinds of applications.


Apply to open hydraulic circuit