Nominal pressure 320bar , Peak pressure 350bar
Displacement: 75×2 cc/rev

Application: Excavator, Drilling rigs, cranes, Other Construction machinery

  • Variable axial piston double pump design for the open circuit.
  • Various controllers available: hydraulic and electrical control design available, which can combined the different controllers of flow control, pressure control, electric proportional control and power control.
  • High efficiency, High working pressure ( 350 bar ) and long lifetime.
  • Compact design with PTO Power port drive for connecting different auxiliary pumps.
  • Special pump housing structure design meets the low noise requirements.
  • More suitable for mobile machinery like excavators, cranes, drilling rigs and so on.
Size HP3V 75D HP3V 212D
Displacement(cc/rev) 75×2 212×2
Speed Rated speed (rpm)*1 2450 1800
Maximum speed (rpm)*2 3000 2000
Pressure Rated pressure (bar) 350 350
Maximum pressure (bar) 400 392
Maximum torque (N.m) @Vgmax and Δp=380bar 415 1500
Case volume (L) 2.6 10
Suction port pressure (abs bar) 0.7~2
Drain pressure (bar) 1
Max. drain pressure (bar) 3
Mass (Kg) 95 270
Temperature range (℃) -20~95
Hydraulic fluid viscosity range (mm2/s) 10~1000*3 (optimum viscosity range 16~36)
1 Steady state suction pressure should be 0 bar and above (at normal condition); 2 If suction pressure less than 0 bar, Boost pressure should be required; 3 In case of 200-1000mm2/s, please allow system to warm up before using machine.  

HP3V-D Axial Piston Double Pump

HP3V-D variable axial piston double pump is designed for the high pressure open circuit.