Displacement:46 cc/rev

Application:Applied in Aerial work platform and other Construction machinery

  • Variable axial piston pump of swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in closed circuit.
  • The flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement. The flow increases as the angle of the swashplate is adjusted from zero to its maximum value.
  • Flow direction changes smoothly when the swashplate is moved through the neutral position.
  • Two pressure-relief valves are provided on the high pressure ports to protect the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload.
  • The integrated charge pump can provide system replenishing and cooling fluid flow.
  • High reliability, long working lifetime
  • Compact structure, high power density.
Size 46
Displacement cc/rev 45.9
Speed Rated (rpm) 4000
Max. (rpm) 4100
Min. (rpm) 500
Pressure Rated (bar) 345
Max. (bar) 385
Minimum low loop pressure(bar) 10
Charge pressure Min. (bar) 6
Max. (bar) 31
Control Pressure Min. (bar)(EDC control)(bar) 21.5
Charge pump Rated (bar) 1.7
Max. (bar) 5.2
Suction port pressure (abs bar) Rated (bar) 0.8
Max. (bar) 6
Hydraulic fluid viscosity range ( mm2/s ) 10~1000,Best range: 16~36
Temperature range(℃) -20~95
Oil Cleanliness ISO 4406 Class 18/13 or higher
Mass (w/o auxiliary flange, Kg) 33

HP3G Axial Piston Pump

HP3G series variable axial piston pump with swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in closed circuit, high pressure, high speed, high reliability, low noise, can be applied in engineering machinery and mobile machinery.