Mobile Crane

For mobile crane application, the load sensing hydraulic system is mainly for cranes up to 100 ton and the pump-controlled positive flow hydraulic system is mostly used for cranes above 100 ton. The main reason is for small size mobile crane, the end user focus more on the working efficiency, so there are certain requirements for the composite actions. The large size mobile cranes are generally used for lifting operation and this requires excellent micro motion and operation accuracy. Therefore for the large size mobile crane the electric proportional displacement control pumps are generally adopted.

For mobile cranes up to 100 ton, Hengli has specially developed the HP5V85+HP5V85 series variable displacement tandem piston pump with features of higher pressure, smaller size and 20% higher displacement than product from the competitors. The piston pump is designed with various control options like hyperbolic control, load sensing control and power cut off control to best fit the engine power. Together with the Hengli HVSM series post valve compensation multi-way control valve, the system can perfectly perform multiple composite actions with excellent micro motion performance. Even if the pump output flow is insufficient, the system still can meet the needs of each circuit, and keeps the whole circuit continue to operate without being affected by the load of each circuit.

The whole hydraulic components solution provided by Hengli can be adjusted according to the different model characteristics relying on the strong Hengli R&D capability, providing the best fit customized solutions.

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25 to 260 ton mobile crane, all-terrain crane

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