Concrete Pump

Pumping system and boom system are the two critical systems of the concrete pump, in which the pump system is mainly responsible for the inhaling concrete from the hopper and pumping it into the conveying pipe after being pressurized to ensure that the concrete is conveyed to a high place; while the boom system is mainly for control of turntable swing and pumping boom for an accurate positioning of the concrete conveying point.
In the pumping system, the main pump usually adopts the electric proportional displacement control. Hengli is able to provide all main pump solutions for concrete pump above 30 meters, of which HP3V140 pump is used for the 30m to 37m concrete pump and V80ML200 pump is used for concrete pump above 42m. The electric proportional displacement control has features of a wide control curve range, low hysteresis and high repeating precision, which make the flow control more precise. The rated speed of the V80ML200 pump is 2550 rpm and the rated working pressure is 400bar, with this kind of high pressure and excellent durability, this pump is suitable to meet the requirements of concrete pump working condition.
The monoblock design of Hengli casting of the main and swing valve contributes to the small size, low weight, low pressure loss and good anti-contamination ability, which finally greatly improves the working efficiency and reliability.
The boom system adopts the HVSP15 series load sensing multi-way control valve with features of good micro motion performance and control curve, low hysteresis and high repeating precision, making the boom and swing control more stable and accurate.

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30 to 50m concrete pump

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