In November 2015

Hengli and HAWE formed a global strategic partnership and bought full control of Hawe InLine Hydraulik.

In October 2014

Hengli Hydraulic completed the new plant and put it into production.

In July 2014

Successfully developed the 8T multi-unit valve and variable displacement piston pump.

In May 2014

Bought the Stuttgart-based WACO.

In December 2012

Hengli Casting Plant completed and put into production to manufacture high precision castings.

In October 2012

Acquired SHLIXIN.

In October 2012

Subsidiaries Hengli America and Hengli Japan were founded.

In October 2011

Hengli Oil Cylinders was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code of 601100.

In July 2011

Wujin High-tech Zone Manufacturing Base was completed and put into production to meet capacity demand, and the world’s largest highpressure oil cylinder R&D test center was founded. Hengli has thus b

In October 2010

Became a qualified supplier of Caterpillar, marking its official entry into the global high-end brand excavator supporting supply chain.

In June 2006

Jiangsu Hengli Highpressure Oil Cylinder Co., Ltd. was founded to start scale production of oil cylinders for excavators and large special oil cylinders.

In May 1999

Successfully developed highpressure oil cylinders for excavators and supplied in batch.

In March 1997

Developed and manufactured large oil cylinders for port and metallurgical equipment.

In March 1992

Started the development and manufacturing of oil cylinders for sanitation vehicles.

In October 1990

Wuxi Hengli Hydraulics and Pneumatics Co., Ltd. was established to manufacture pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic valves.