Established in 1990, Hengli has developed into China’s largest, most competitive and influential hydraulics manufacturer offering the most complete product lines. Dedicated to product technical innovation, Hengli has been providing global customers with safer, more efficient and rationally-designed hydraulic transmission and control solutions.

Company profile

From its inception in 1990, we always keep China hydraulic industry leading position, hydraulic industry in China manufacturing scale is biggest, the most complete varieties and series of products, most competitive and influential large enterprise groups.

In the future, we will continue to focus on customer needs, shareholders, employees, the value of the community to create value for the mission to achieve a hundred years of enterprise. Become the world's leading, very valuable and creative world-class enterprise!

Hengli Global

Hengli in years of steady development, has established a Hengli gas dynamic, Hengli cylinder, Hengli casting, Hengli hydraulic four industrial manufacturing base.

In order to meet the development of the global market, and has acquired Shanghai Lixin hydraulic, Germany Waco cylinder, Harvey InLine hydraulic three hydraulic industry brand enterprises; gradually build to form the China, the United States, Germany, Japan for the manufacture and sale of the network distribution, covering four research and development centers, more than 300 technical experts, more than 200 marketing service personnel, radiation more than 20 countries and regions, huge, network, continue to customers around the world to provide pre-sales, sales, after-sales, one-stop, integrated, convenient service.


Quality is the foundation of all, Hengli in the development process will always quality is the foundation of the enterprise survival and the quality of Hengli from to grasp every detail. From design, technology, production and testing to the final after-sales service, Hengli not only provide products to customers, but for customers to solve various hydraulic driving challenge.